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About KAMO

The KAMO Story


Lauren the fashionista

My family has been in the textile business for four generations, specialising in camouflage prints. I grew up climbing around warehouses and sliding down fabric rollers, but I went into publishing instead of the family business. I’m the author of five books for children, including the Crabtree School series, and have been a literary agent, editor and ghost-writer for more than two decades. My career has always been focused on young people and their imaginations.


The apple rolled back to the tree though, when an idea came to me almost two years ago: What if we made camouflage for children, in prints that really capture the way they see the world? With details that would spark creativity, and celebrate the simple pleasures we tend to forget about as we grow up? The idea was that not only would children have fun ‘hiding’ in the places they love, but they would also be able to carry these places with them wherever they went. (I had no idea then, of course, how much we would all come to appreciate even venues like a good old softplay in 2020!)


All my ‘expertise’ in children’s apparel came from being a mum: I wanted the clothes not only to look good, but to be soft, to fit beautifully and to last forever.  I wanted them to be the pieces that you can’t wash fast enough because your child wants to wear them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  But I knew nothing about the business of actually making children’s clothing.


Claire rocking it

Enter my long-time friend Claire, who brings years of amazing expertise in the fashion industry.  Claire’s background is a veritable treasure trove of childrenswear experience, as a buyer for Marks & Spencer, Ralph Lauren, Jigsaw and, most recently, Head of Buying for The White Company. As the granddaughter of childrenswear manufacturers, Claire spent a fair bit of her childhood in warehouses too!


Together we are building a company where fun and imagination come first. We gather talented artists and designers together to create beautiful clothes printed with state-of-the-art technology on the best fabrics, sourced from cotton farmers supported by the Better Cotton Initiative.


We know it’s a little bit crazy to start a business in this brave new world, but we’re going for it anyway. Watch this space as we launch our prints and fill you in on the stories behind them!


Lauren & Claire